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Below are some of the projects Some Giants have enjoyed working on recently, along with a few older ones that we like to show off. If you’d like to see more examples of our work or find out more about our processes and the way we work, please get in touch.

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Lords of the Fallen: Accolades Trailer

This accolades trailer was an enormous undertaking. Ricky at Some Giants led the way and with the help of Hexworks’ animation team, we achieved outstanding results in record time.

Lords of the Fallen: Launch Trailer

Asked back again by DoubleJump to handle the non-gameplay sequences, Some Giants created another batch of stunning set pieces in Unreal Engine 5 for this trailer.

Lords of the Fallen: Promotional Screenshots

High-quality promotional screenshots are essential for successful game marketing. Some Giants created a series of captivating screenshots for CI Games which featured on various platforms.

Lords of the Fallen: Gameplay Trailer

On behalf of DoubleJump, Some Giants collaborated with the devs and artists at Hexworks to create more in-engine cinematics. Shown at Gamescom 2023, the trailer wowed the live audience and online viewers.

HYENAS: CLOUT Plundership Experience Trailer

Some Giants have made a lot of motion graphics in the past, so we jumped at the chance to create this in-game primer for HYEANS. No Unreal Engine for this one, just good old-fashioned After Effects and a ton of keyframes.

HYENAS: Gameplay Trailer

Watch the official gameplay trailer and custom cinematic animated by Some Giants in UE5’s sequencer.

Lords of the Fallen: Techincal Showcase

DoubleJump asked Some Giants to create custom in-engine animation sequences for this Unreal Engine showcase at GDC 2023, highlighting Unreal Engine’s Lumen, Nanite and Niagra.

Yelp! Turn the Tables (for Seed Animation)

Some Giants were invited by Seed Animation to work on an exciting 3D animation project for Yelp for Restaurants. We helped bring the dioramas to life for this character-led piece.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2: ‘Welcome to Kuamar’ Gameplay Trailer

After crushing the production of the Gameplay Reveal Trailer for SGWC2, Some Giants were back to create more custom cinematic shots that weren’t possible to capture in-game.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2: Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Some Giants were asked by DoubleJump to create captivating animated sequences for this early marketing trailer of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2.

Dark Stars Music Video

An animated music video about one man’s journey through life and space. Animated by Some Giants in After Effects and Cinema 4D.