HYENAS: Gameplay Trailer

HYENAS was a planned upcoming hero-based, multiplayer extraction shooter from Creative Assembly.

Prior to its cancellation Some Giants were asked again by DoubleJump (who did the gameplay capture and the final edit) if we’d like to jump into the build and animate the cinematic, non-gameplay sections of the official gameplay trailer.

Collaborating (even more closely than usual) with Creative Assembly’s dev team, we animated several custom shots in Unreal Engine 5’s Sequencer.

Our sequences were hand-animated by us inside UE5 using custom control rigs, with some final cleanup done by Creative Assembly’s in-house animators.

The trailer that we helped create is currently still available to watch on YouTube.



Produced & Edited by: DoubleJump (for Creative Assembly)
Gameplay Capture: DoubleJump
Non-Gameplay Sequences Directed & Animated by: Some Giants