Lords of the Fallen: Techincal Showcase

Some Giants were asked by CI Games and Double Jump to help them with the Lords of the Fallen Techincal Showcase, which was shown at GDC 2023.

We were tasked with crafting custom in-engine animation sequences to showcase how the new Lords of the Fallen game is using Unreal Engine 5 to its fullest to bring CI Games’ dark fantasy action RPG to life in unparalled detail.

Working very closely with Hexworks‘ developers and artists we showed how the upcoming game takes full advantage of Unreal Engine 5’s‘ features – from Lumen, Nanite, Niagra, and its Chaos Physics engine.



Produced by: DoubleJump (for CI Games)
In-Game Capture, Voiceover: DoubleJump
Non-Gameplay Sequences, Animation: Some Giants