Who We Are / What We Do

Some Giants are Rich Hinchcliffe & Ricky e’Sousa.
We create content for the video game industry and beyond.

Video Game Trailers / Cinematics

From initial concepts through to direction, cinematography and animation, editing and post-production, Some Giants have got it covered. Either solo or by collaborating with dev teams, game artists and other video production studios we create cinematics, game trailers and real-time cut-scenes. Unreal Engine, CryEngine, Unity (and probably whatever other engine you can think of) – we’ll use the production pipelines and tools you already have in place.

Promotional Screenshots / In-Engine Photography

Creating a perfect screenshot requires more than just hitting Alt+F1. We’ll build an image up from scratch in-engine – posing, lighting, set-dressing, vfx (and any Photoshop touchups) – the team at Some Giants work with your artists and directors to make sure the world they’ve put their hearts and souls into building is shown in its best light.

Our screenshots end up on Steam, the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, and even on the back of the box.

2D / 3D Animations / Motion Graphics

Before focusing on the game industry we spent a vast amount of time (as in decades) creating digital content for a huge number of clients and have built up a massive skill-set – meaning there’s very little, digitally speaking, that we can’t turn our hand to. 3D and 2D animation, music videos, motion graphics, titles, editing, TV ads, mini-documentaries, VFX, CGI – you name it we’ve probably done it, and probably still do.